Shifting the power of food security to local communities through decentralized production, agile supply chains and data security

Our Story

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Founder and Chief Executive Officer Deb Walliser has built a global powerhouse of talent and technology building strategic core and remote teams across the globe, currently serving five continents.

Got Produce is a public benefit corporation driving global food security and defense threat reduction through integration and aggregation of the agricultural supply chain.

Our aim is to create a transparent, efficient, sustainable, and resilient food supply chain that ensures the delivery of safe, high-quality consistent supply of food to communities while minimizing environmental impact.

We offer a fully integrated production model for the food industry allowing consistent-yet-agile supply of all crops, by utilization of localized distribution, workforce readiness and data security.

Our solutions efficiently link the three main components of the supply chain in one secure package ensuring pre and postproduction activities have intelligent responsive feedback loops with our grow centers.

Our custom food security solutions are strategically developed for communities to source all their produce needs from a single nearby location, eliminating natural and political risks, and enabling secure, centralized procurement.

We have developed our own API and environmental automation systems in order to strictly control our data and protect our supply chain. Each decentralized food production center is able to adapt instantaneously to local market demands while remaining part of a larger network of global production facilities.

Smart and secure grow centers transform community development with Plant Agility© growth chambers that are intelligently interconnected. This model ensures a resilient and flexible food supply chain, safeguarding our sustenance even in challenging times.

Our solutions mitigate risks in an unpredictable world despite drought, floods, political disputes, trade wars, or supply chain manipulations. Even if borders close, our production centers remain operational year-round.

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Our clients and stakeholders are influential decision makers who understand the critical importance of securing our food supply chain and seek a localized, distributed production solution to ensure long-term sustainability. They prioritize investments that have a meaningful purpose, seeking solutions that not only provide financial returns but also contribute to food security and societal well-being.

They desire a single, secure location for sourcing and ordering all their produce needs, ensuring high quality and fixed pricing while mitigating risks associated with government policy changes, import restrictions, and artificial supply chain manipulation. 

Together, we create a continuous supply of food from a wide selection of crops for processing, juicing, and fresh market consumption, catering to diverse consumer demands and culinary preferences. 

To provide the best produce solutions for our commercial clients, we offer the following full service packages:

Package solutions best suited for commercial and B2B clients in the
following sectors

  • Grocer and Retail Brands
  • Planned Community Developments
  • QSR, Fast Serve, Restaurant Brands
  • Military & Commissaries
  • Produce Brokers & Wholesalers
  • Multi-Agency & Public Institutions
  • Food Service & Food Processors
  • Biosecurity & Defense Threat Reduction Initiatives

Build-Own-Operate (BOO)

Contingent upon signing supplier or off-take agreement, we design and build a local hydroponic operations for specific produce items. Got Produce, then produces, packages and/or distributes the produce.

Design-Build-License (DBL)

Upon signing a license agreement, Got Produce designs and builds the facility. Client owns or leases the premises and licenses the technology. For franchise options, please visit


Design-Build-Operate-Maintain (DBOM)

Got Produce designs and builds the greenhouse to suit client needs and enters into a management or maintenance contract to train staff and operate the facility for a specific period of time.

Direct Produce Sales

Got Produce supplies assortment of produce from one of its current greenhouse locations based on availability. Contact us for global locations and product list.


A la carte services offer the greatest flexibility for specific client needs. Contact us today for quote or consultation.

Business Plan Writing

Consultation and written business plan with a five-year financial projection for a hydroponic greenhouse tailored to the client's chosen crop and location. 

Market Analysis

Market report focusing on supply and demand trends for the fresh market and processing sectors. Identification of gaps, opportunities, and market valuation per region or per segment.  

Crop Analysis

Deep dive into the feasibility of selected crops in hydroponic production. Focuses on financial and physiological thresholds for hydroponic versus field production.

Geographic Profiling Report

Profiling of agricultural production trends in a given region or country, including weather-related events, import and export trends of agricultural goods, and population demographics. 

Political Risk Report

A report that covers import and export trends, shipping challenges, and potential political risks specific to a region or country. The analysis focuses on the agriculture sector, including political profiling, economic outlook, and identification of natural resource anomalies.

Greenhouse Design & Engineering

Greenhouse design and engineering service for commercial builds based on location and crop type.  

Hydroponic System Designs

For new builds or re-working existing spaces into hydroponics.  Hydroponic designs to fit crop and space requirements.  Can be used in conjunction with other services for full build.  

Environmental Automation Systems

Complete environmental control system for greenhouse irrigation and fertigation controls, suitable for new builds and possibly retrofit options for indoor spaces. 

Irrigation and Fertigation Design

Customized irrigation and fertilizer injection design for new builds, utilizing single-source or trifecta systems such as deep water, vertical, and hydroponic drip systems. 

Plant Layout Designs

Floorplan and plant layout of single or multi-crop facilities detailing plant spacing, row spacing, rack spacing for specific bays or entire greenhouse.

Headhouse & Packhouse Operational Layout

Consultation and design services for new headhouse and packhouse structures or updating the operational efficiency and layout of existing facilities to meet changing needs.  

Mechanical Drawings and Equipment Layout

Detailed layout of greenhouse, packhouse, headhouse, or pumphouse with list of equipment, location and mechanical drawings.  

Construction Management

Greenhouse construction management or project administration for new GP greenhouse builds.  

Crop Breeding & Development

Solution for outsourcing plant trials, breeding trials, and documenting plant growth data for new crop varieties performed in our expert R &D greenhouse.  

Software Development

Integration of third-party applications with GP API or upgrading GP clients to include distributed training AI and machine learning add-ons.

Shipping and Logistics Audit

Supply chain audit of critical supplies, primary suppliers, and service providers.  Includes recommendations for international shipping, production locations and outsourcing alternatives.  

Greenhouse Operations Training

Single unit or full three course options: 1) Plant Nutrition & Propagation designed to ready you for Assistant grower & Head grower positions. 2) Greenhouse Operations and Maintenance designed to ready you for Hydroponic Technician Level I and II. 3) Systems Management designed to prepare you for greenhouse manager, or sales manager positions.

Crop Recipe Development

Service for existing and new growers who would like assistance in developing a new batch tank, irrigation, and dosing recipe for a specific crop.  

Seed Security

Food security begins with seed security. We use only natural heirloom, wild seed or seed from breeders signing the safe seed pledge as non– GMO. We believe in preserving these varieties and bringing them into commercial cultivation through hydroponics.

We use hand breeding techniques and vegetative propagation in our international research and training facility to acquire customized consumer favorites instead of genetic modification. Because we don’t use soil, we are able to successfully grow many outdoor varieties that are otherwise failing due to poor soil health, contamination and disease.

Research and Development

Technology and crops solutions are thoroughly tested in our international research and development center in Africa. Our secure API and environmental automation system drive distributed learning intelligence that unlocks new possibilities and secures our food data through the supply chain. Training and internship programs available on-site.

Crop Breeding

The biosecurity breeding program consists of five main processes and is integral in
defense threat reduction and continuity of local food security. Available to new and existing clients.
  • Acquisition of wild varieties and species

  • Evaluation and selection
    of parents

  • Hybridization

  • Selection and testing of
    new recombinants

  • Testing and commercial application of new cultivars
    for three growing seasons


The specific public benefit purpose of the Got Produce is to produce a positive effect by engaging in scientific, technological and educational activities that facilitate the development of sustainable food production and distribution solutions embracing the Corporation’s three pillars of sustainability.


Stewarding and care of natural and finite resources


Well-being of employees, consumers, and plant health


Community involvement to promote and ensure local educational, environmental and economic benefits


Countries and communities make decisions every day that affect their social and economic security.
We provide the tools and technology for food security, and opportunities for trade and economic
growth through our patented greenhouse resilience solutions.

Our Vision

Improved quality of life for people and the environment through judicious use of natural and finite resources.

We Believe

Preserving our natural resources by using hydroponic methods to grow superior quality produce in a fraction of the space, using a fraction of the resources for local communities.

We Create

Solutions to alleviate the carbon footprint of food production and distribution by growing locally using hydroponics and operational techniques to save water and resources.

We directly support the following
UN Sustainable Development Goals

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